Adrian Olguin

Please briefly describe your art career. What is your medium of choice? When did you start?

I’ve always enjoyed drawing and painting. As a kid I was into Hip Hop & Graffiti where I was inspired by some amazing young local artists. While in high school, I participated in several Springvale Council Art Initiatives including the Springvale Underpass and The Maze Project before embarking on a Graphic Design career in my 20’s. I later obtained a Diploma of Arts Visual arts and credited Advanced Diploma where I broadened my skillset and began print making and sculpture work. Oil paints are by far my favourite medium.

Over your career has your style changed radically?

I have always been a figurative artist in a way so I don’t think my style has changed all that much but it has definitely evolved in technique. I have learnt to be more patient and forgiving with my art.

Thinking of your finest creation, explain why you treasure this?

That’s a tough one. There are a few pieces I like but I guess my favourite, although probably not my finest, was a portrait I painted for a friend that was autographed by the great Diego Armando Maradona.

Are you working on a piece now and how is it coming along?

I am working on several pieces at the moment yes. As to how they are going I can only say I am relatively happy with the ideas I want to portray lets just hope the technique doesn’t let me down

What is your favourite item in your toolkit?

My favourite item is a number 6 round brush that my wife, who was my girlfriend at the time, bought for me over 20 years ago while living in Argentina. It is still my favourite brush.

Who or what inspires you?

Being a lover of the surrealist movement of the 1900’s I was heavily influenced by artists like Dorothea Tanning, Magritte and Dali. My works are inspired by the beauty of the subconscious.

What is your advice to emerging artists?

Express yourself and enjoy the journey. Work on your craft and don’t be afraid to show your work. Your time is now so put paint to paper and create your magic.

Evolution 1

Scooby of Undera

Glimpses 03