Sue Jarvis

Born in the City of Greater Dandenong, Sue's passion for creativity and love of gardening started at a young age. In 1971 she became a secondary arts & crafts teacher and purchased a 10acre block of land in Gembrook that is now a botanical haven bestowing some rare trees, and splendour all year round.

She has been a full-time artist since 1981, and has two pieces of her work displayed in the in Melbourne State Library. She is a founding member of South Eastern Contemporary Art Network (SECAN) and Cardinia Art Society (CART), and a member of the Melbourne Society of Women’s Painters & Sculptors, and was winner of their major award, the Annie Davison Oliver Award in 2019.


Calm is a Melbourne based aerosol stencil artist. The stencils are sprayed onto paper, that are then pasted in public places. His work often deals with environmental and political issues. By using stencils, the work is able to be replicated and pasted in site specific areas and is often added to by passers by. As the work is unauthorized and public, it seeks to draw viewers into a conversation or instigate some increased awareness.

Calm has donated work to several Green fundraisers and has been involved in exhibitions around Australia, UK, USA and Indonesia , and a regular contributor to the NPCC Art Show. He is the creator of the TwoCans, and two of his works were among the finalists of the 2019 Stencil Art Prize.

John de blauw

Self-taught, John sold his first paining at 14 and has now been painting for 80 years. John paints beautiful landscapes which include people or animals with all having a lovely story to tell.

John arrived in Australia from Germany in 1952 to work as an engineering draftsman & illustrator. He chose to keep painting as a hobby even though he was often approached to work in galleries. Without making a career of painting John has still been able to sell close to 3000 artworks.

gabriel hingley

Gabriel completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons) in 2000 and since then has dedicated much of his spare time to painting and drawing landscapes of his local neighbourhood. With the onset of lockdowns in Melbourne and being confined to the bounds of a 5km radius, this provided Gabriel with fresh inspiration to paint his immediate environs as he walked each day through the area. This piece captures a moment on one of these walks. “I chose to feature the sky in this painting, because for me the sky was a reminder that there was a much bigger world out there, and that our lockdowns were only a temporary measure, a time of waiting in hope for future freedom. Meanwhile the last rays of the sun were illuminating these everyday objects in such a beautiful way that it was a reminder to me to stop and appreciate the beauty of my everyday environment in Noble Park.”

heather Duggan

toshi Handa

Toshi was born in Osaka, Japan and produces a wide range of artwork that incorporates design, art, multimedia and installation art. His work is a combination of Buddhist philosophy and pop.

In recent years, Toshi's focus has shifted to creating a platform for future generations by providing children an opportunity to explore their inherent creativity. He also began teaching people with disabilities in a number of programs a few years ago and shortly after, he was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder himself. His own diagnosis has helped him make sense of his own world and the art he has been creating for some time which reflects a personal sense of alienation and difficulty adapting to his surroundings.

anthony galea

Anthony has been a drawing Tutor for almost 10 years now at several local Community Centres. He has an Associate Diploma in Art & Design from Chisholm as well as Certificate IV in Training & Assessment.

Anthony has been drawing for 48 years and 23 years professionally. He is mostly self taught and when he is not tutoring, he is often commissioned to complete illustrations and paintings. He also designs tattoos, jewellery, logos for businesses and bands. He not only works with paints & brushes he is also an accomplished calligrapher, air brusher & engraver. He loves art & nature and sharing his knowledge with others!